January 7, 2002




TO:                  Members, Media


FROM:            Legislative Service Office





Representative Randall Luthi, Chairman, Management Audit Committee, has announced the Committee will meet:


January 19, 2002

8:30 a.m.

Room 302, Capitol Building



The purpose of the meeting is to consider the staff's draft report on Wyoming Public Television. As provided by W.S. 28-8-107(c), a portion of the meeting will be held in EXECUTIVE SESSION.


Questions about this meeting should be directed to Legislative Service Office Committee staff Barbara J. Rogers.


Persons with disabilities requiring special accommodations, please contact the Legislative Service Office for assistance.  Thank you.



NOTE:             Any written materials presented to the Committee are also requested to be submitted to the Committee on diskette in WordPerfect, Microsoft Word and ASCII format. The text of all materials submitted on diskette will be included in the minutes of the Committee which are available on the Legislative Web Site (HTTP://LEGISWEB.STATE.WY.US). All materials submitted in written form will still be part of the Committee's official minutes on file at LSO.


Members: Management Audit Committee:


            Senators:  Coe, Kunz, Larson, Massie, Miller and Vasey


            Representatives: Diercks, Jones, Lockhart, Luthi and Warren


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