Data Facilitation Forum

2002 School Finance Legislation (Original Senate File 51) required the Joint Education Interim Committee to provide a facilitated discussion of school finance data issues, with a report on discussions required to be submitted to the Committee by June 15, 2002.  Following receipt of the report at its June 18 and 19, 2002, meeting, the Committee elected to continue the facilitated discussion process on school data issues including data pertaining to school finance, the statewide education program standards, students and school district staff.  The school data facilitation provides a forum for school district representatives, relevant state agencies, higher education and the business community to discuss data issues pertaining to education.

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NOTE:   Any written materials presented to the Committee are also requested to be submitted to the Committee on diskette in WordPerfect, Microsoft Word or ASCII format.  The text of all materials submitted on  diskette will be included in the minutes of the Committee which are available on the Legislative Web Site (HTTP://LEGISWEB.STATE.WY.US). All materials submitted in written form will still be part of the Committee's official minutes on file at LSO.

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