Initial Budget Approved:  $25,000


Topic 1:            Title 14 Revisions


The Joint Judiciary Interim Committee developed 2003 SF0029, based on recommendations made by the Title 14 Committee established by the Department of Family Services. Major portions of that bill did not receive full consideration because of concerns expressed by interested parties. As a result, the Legislature has approved creation of a Select Committee on Juveniles to complete consideration and develop recommendations for consideration by the Joint Judiciary Interim Committee. 


Topic 2:            Real Property Interests


This session, the Legislature considered, but did not enact 2003 HB0251, Surface owner damages. The  Joint Judiciary Interim Committee will conduct a broad study of real property interests, including surface ownership interests, mineral rights and eminent domain.


The Committee will send notice of the hearing to the Joint Minerals and Joint Agriculture Committees.  The Committee will incorporate materials from the previous hearing held on this topic.


Topic 3:            Peace Officer Jurisdiction/State Park Rangers/Fresh Pursuit


The Legislature considered 2003 HB0124, Municipal peace officer jurisdiction, and 2003 SF0067, Peace officers-extraterritorial authority, neither of which was enacted into law. The Joint Judiciary Interim Committee will study issues related to peace officer jurisdiction, including state park rangers' authority. The issue of peace officer jurisdiction will include consideration of the doctrine of fresh pursuit and countywide peace officer jurisdiction.


Topic 4:            Board of Judicial Policy and Administration Requests


The Committee will review amendments to W.S. 1‑16‑503, Revivor of dormant judgments, W.S. 5‑9‑139(b), Reporting of proceedings, and conforming of statutes to reflect that authority of the justice of the peace courts shall be performed by circuit courts because there are no longer any justice of the peace courts in Wyoming.




Initial Budget Approved:  $25,000



Topic 1:            Pre-Budget Hearing Preparation


3 days of Committee meetings in Cheyenne in early November for pre-budget hearing preparation. The Committee will hold meetings with the Dept. of Health, the State Dept. of Education, the Dept. of Corrections, and the Attorney General’ s Office, and possibly other agencies if important topics arise. The Committee will also discuss base/standard budget information, use of flex authority by the Governor, and other budget related issues.


Topic 2:            Construction Administration


1 day meeting for the purpose of discussing construction administration. The Committee intends to co-ordinate this meeting with a school facilities commission meeting.


Topic 3:            Meetings


Enough funding to participate in the sub-committee meetings jointly with the Health and Labor Committee on the issue of employee benefits. The Cochairs anticipate as many as 4 half-day meetings.


Topic 4:            State Institutions


Enough travel and per diem for each member of the Committee to travel 3 days to various state institutions. These will not be coordinated Committee tours, but will allow each member to visit the institutions of their choice as their schedule allows throughout the Interim.


Topic 5:            Budget Hearings


Funding for a full week of budget hearings beginning December 8, 2003.




Initial Budget Approved:  $20,000



Topic 1:            Residential, Agricultural and Industrial Tax Relief Review


The Committee will review the current levels of residential and industrial property tax and review any constitutionally permissible relief and valuation methodologies.


Topic 2:            Valuation of Minerals


Study the valuation of minerals including the tax structure of minerals (single tax, ad valorem tax being paid late to counties, and counties having to collect from interest owners rather than operators); study role of Department of Revenue with county and the county's right to appeal; non-arms length processed gas; review confidentiality statutes so the Dept. of Revenue can use information for comparable sales method; valuation of non arms-length sale of minerals.


Topic 3:            Motor Fuels Tax Review


The Committee will study the motor fuels taxation system including fair assessment, redistribution and the phase-in of any increases.


Topic 4:            Miscellaneous taxation issues.


Study miscellaneous taxation issues including the adequacy of state revenues to meet the state's needs; review of Tax Reform 2000; other issues from the Department of Revenue.





Initial Budget Approved:  $35,000



Topic 1:           Small School/District Adjustments


Continuation of refining the small school and small district adjustments to the cost-based model based upon school-level data.  The Committee shall evaluate and take testimony concerning the school board funding proposal in accordance with the Supreme Court ruling in the Campbell County case.  Use of committee staff in this evaluation is limited per Council minutes.


Topic 2:            Regional Cost Adjustment


Continuation of development of instrument to assess differences in regional costs as used in the cost-based model.


Topic 3:            School Finance Ongoing Studies


Continuation of school finance studies initiated last interim, including the at-risk adjustment to the cost-based model, development of a cost-based adjustment for reading and intervention programs and completion of the adjustment for classified staff.


Topic 4:            Federal No Child Left Behind Task Force


Receipt of recommendations on statewide student assessment and state rewards/sanctions in response to requirements under the federal No Child Left Behind Act.


Topic 5:            Judicial Review for Education Funding


Review of 2003 HJ0010.


Topic 6:            WICHE Program


WICHE support fee costs for participation of Wyoming students lagging behind demand.


Topic 7:            Model Administration and Maintenance Review


Review of school finance related state activity as directed in HB0078ENG.




Initial Budget Approved:  $20,000



Topic 1:            State Forester


            New legislation [SF0115] impacts how the state forester interacts with the state land department.  The committee shall study how the powers of these two entities interact.


Topic 2:            In-Stream Flow


The committee shall evaluate temporary changes in in-stream flow to determine flexibility to existing appropriators and study enhanced water storage, improved water management to benefit agriculture, municipal, industrial and in-channel water uses while protecting existing water right holders.


Topic 3:            Consumptive Use of Wildlife


A joint subcommittee of members from the Joint Agriculture, Public Lands and Water Resources Interim Committee and the Joint Travel, Recreation, Wildlife and Cultural Resources Interim Committee shall study how agriculture producers can be compensated for the costs of having wildlife on their land.  Subcommittee shall report to the Joint Agriculture, Public Lands and Water Resources Interim Committee.


Topic 4:            Miscellaneous


The committee will also address the concerns of appropriate state agencies.


The chairmen or their designees are authorized to attend meetings of the Joint Judiciary Interim Committee when it addresses the issue of surface damage to private property owners impacted by mineral interests.




Initial Budget Approved:  $20,000



Topic 1:            Game and Fish Issues


Delisting of endangered species.  The Committee is statutorily required to receive a report on the wolf delisting process.  The Committee will also review the process for other endangered/threatened species in Wyoming and progress in delisting those species.  Legislation may be necessary.


Residency requirements for hunting and fishing.  The current statute has raised concerns regarding domicile requirements under current times when people are traveling and maintaining homes in more than one state.  Legislation is anticipated.


Preference points.  HB 73 failed in the Senate.  Given the public testimony in support of the bill last interim, the Committee will review the legislation for reconsideration and possible modification.


Critical habitat.  Concerns have been raised regarding residential developments impinging on critical wildlife habitat.  The Committee expects to receive a report from the Game and Fish Department on the issue.


Topic 2:            State Parks and Tourism Issues


Master plan for state parks.  The Committee will review a master plan for state parks.  This would include concessionaire issues, the territorial prison state park and historical site and Carissa gold mine issues (assuming SF 86 passes).  Legislation might be required.


Management plan for archives and historic collections. The director of the Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources has stated that the state's management plan for archives and historic collections should be reviewed.  The collection is growing and funding obligations of the state are dependent on the state's plan for these collections.  The need for legislation is unknown.


Reciprocity for ATV and snowmobile registration..  This will include a report from the department of state parks and cultural resources of current agreements.  The need for legislation is unknown.




Initial Budget Approved:  $20,000



Topic 1:            Revisions to the Election Code


The committee plans to study possible changes to the election code including responding to two major pieces of federal legislation: the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) and federal campaign finance reform.  The committee also plans to monitor how recent changes affect the reporting, raising, and utilization of campaign funds within the state.


Topic 2:            Relationship of the State With Political Subdivisions


The committee will study bonding-related issues for cities, counties and towns, evaluate special districts, and examine the relationship between utilities and political subdivisions.


Topic 3:            Telecommunications


The committee will study provisions of the telecommunications act passed in 1995, specifically the provisions pertaining to the Universal Service Fund and provisions governing wireless communications.


Topic 4:            Insurance


The committee will receive the report required by the passage of House Bill 261, and may study or take action upon recommendations from that report.  The committee will study medical insurance alternatives, recommendations for accreditation amendments from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, issues from homeowner insurance cancellations, adjustments to the producer's licensing act and monitor legislation passed this past session concerning credit scoring.


Topic 5:                        Contractor Licensure


The committee will examine how to ensure that qualified contractors provide services within the state.  The committee will also consider federal requirements on manufactured housing installations.




Initial Budget Approved:  $20,000



Topic 1:                        Homeland Defense


The committee will continue to study homeland security and defense in conjunction with executive agency coordination and the federal government.  The transportation of radioactive materials will be studied in conjunction with this topic.


Topic 2:                        Driver's licenses


The committee will study commercial drivers' licenses.


Topic 3:  Tow trucks


The committee will review weight and height restrictions on tow trucks which hamper the ability to tow larger commercial trucks.




Initial Budget Approved:  $20,000



Topic 1:Natural Gas Pipeline Authority, Electric Transmission & other WEC Energy Policy Recommendations


Study financial and capacity constraints and marketing techniques relating to natural gas price differential, electrical transmissions constraints, potential new transmission systems to specific target markets, but not DC lines or RTO's.


Topic 2:            Oil and Gas Proration.


At the recommendation of the Natural Gas Pipeline Authority and the gas industry to address the gas price differential, a model will be developed to evaluate the success of proration in states, including Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas.  The committee would look at giving the Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (OGCC) the authority to regulate supply to prevent economic waste.


Topic 3:            State Regulatory Flexibility


This topic was brought to the committee by the Small Business Administration (SBA).  The committee would consider state regulatory flexibility to address the impact of rules and regulations on entities that the agency regulates.


Topic 4:            Miscellaneous


            Air service

University of Wyoming econometric study of feasibility of airline subsidies.

Review SF 66 Aeronautics commission-amendments.

Review SF 120 Wyoming air services enhancement.

Work with the Wyoming Business Council and the new airline expert in the Governor's office (created under SF 66).

Renewable energy

Discuss developing a renewable energy portfolio to prepare the state to meet proposed compliance with proposed federal Clean Air Act requirements for twenty percent (20%) renewal energy by 2020.  Work with industry and the newly created energy position in the Governor's office.

Business ready communities—

Work with the Wyoming Business Council to develop specific rules and regulations if HB 264 is passed and also, working with the WBC, discuss the concept of "business ready communities" in general.




Initial Budget Approved:  $30,000



Topic 1:            Medicaid


The Committee will review the Medicaid program because recent expansions of authorized services have placed a burden on the ability of the State to meet the needs of eligible Wyoming citizens. The Committee has continuing responsibilities in a joint subcommittee with the Joint Appropriations Committee to look at cost containment in the program. The Committee will also study the effect of uncompensated care, including trauma care, and reimbursement to medical facilities and providers, and the effect of these issues on access to health care.


Topic 2:            Workers' Compensation Program


Concern has been expressed at the backlog of cases before the Workers' Compensation Medical Commission and the need for amending provision relating to third party recovery and subrogation and related issues.


Topic 3:            Healthcare Workforce Issues


The Committee will address various issues related to healthcare workforce services, including expanding physician training opportunities, reviewing salaries of public health nurses, nursing recruitment and retention and establishing magnet hospital programs.


Topic 4:            Federal Compliance Issues


Changes in federal programs with respect to unemployment insurance, job programs, welfare reform and prescription drugs are being proposed. The Committee will study those proposed changes to gauge the impact of federal mandates on state programs and responsibilities and to respond to those federal initiatives with appropriate draft legislation.




Initial Budget Approved $5,000



Topic 1:            Tribal Taxation Issues


Both the tribes and the state assess oil and gas severance taxes.  A comparison may be needed between the taxes paid and the services received by the tribes.


Topic 2:            Tribal Entities


--Water project applications

--Other agency interactions


Water projects would move through the Select Water Committee and the Joint Agriculture Committee.


Topic 3:            Wyoming's Role in Tribal Gaming


The matter of tribal gaming is in the hands of the Secretary of Interior; the state's role is to be determined.


Topic 4:            Miscellaneous


Monitor tribal liaison

Monitor St. Stephen's school funding






Select Water Committee $17,500
Management Council $15,000
Management Audit Committee $15,000
Select Committee on Capital Financing & Investments $15,000
Select Committee on Legislative Technology $  2,500
Select Committee on Legislative Process $  2,500
Select Committee on Legislative Facilities $  1,500

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