I.          Amendments to the Rules of the House of Representatives adopted at the 2004 Budget Session:



House Rule 4-1 is amended to read as follows:




4-1       House standing committees shall be appointed by the Speaker of the House, with the advice and consent of the rules and procedure committee. House standing committees are as follows:


            1.         Judiciary

            2.         Appropriations

            3.         Revenue

            4.         Education

            5.         Agriculture, Public Lands and Water Resources

6.         Travel, Recreation, Wildlife and Cultural Resources

7.         Corporations, Elections and Political Subdivisions

            8.         Transportation, and Highways and Military Affairs

            9.         Minerals, Business and Economic Development

            10.       Labor, Health and Social Services

            11.       Journal

            12.       Rules and Procedure



House Rule 12-1 is amended to read as follows:




12-1     The bill shall be read a third time on the next legislative working day after passing the second reading unless laid back under House Rule 9‑3.  It shall be read by bill number, catch title, sponsor, catch title and enacting clause only.




House Rule 13-5 is amended to read as follows:




13-5     Any member may change his vote on a roll call of ayes and noes only after the call is completed and only before the announcement that the announced results vote is closed.