S.F. No. 0124

Prescription drug marketing.


Sponsored By:                    Senator(s) Scott, Decaria and Massie and Representative(s) Buchanan, Cohee and Hinckley


AN ACT relating to marketing of prescription and nonprescription medication, medical devices and medical equipment; prohibiting payment in exchange for prescribing or recommending prescription and nonprescription medication, medical devices and medical equipment; prohibiting receipt of gifts from sellers of prescription and nonprescription medication, medical devices and medical equipment; providing for penalties; providing exceptions; providing for inclusion of price information with free samples; and providing for an effective date.


1/13/2005               Bill Number Assigned

1/14/2005               S Received for Introduction

1/14/2005               S Introduced and Referred to S10

1/19/2005               S10 Recommended Amend and Do Pass



Ayes:  Senator(s) Aullman, Decaria, Massie and Scott

Excused:  Senator(s) Barrasso

Ayes 4    Nays 0    Excused 1    Absent 0    Conflicts 0


1/19/2005               S Placed on General File



Page 3-line 8                            Delete "in with" insert "having".

Page 3-lines 17 and 18             Delete and renumber.

Page 3-line 20                          Delete "(iii)" insert "(ii)".

Page 4-line 1                            Delete "(iv)" insert "(iii)".

Page 4-line 5                            Delete "(v)" insert (iv)".

Page 4-line 10                          Delete "(vi)" insert "(v)".

Page 4-line 16                          After "reported" insert "by the pharmaceutical marketer".

Page 5-line 12                          Delete "Written information on".

Page 5-line 13                          Delete "shall be".

Page 5-line 16                          Delete "shall".

Page 5-line 17                          Delete and insert "specified by dose, pill or".

Page 5-line 18                          After "capsule," delete "per"; after "period or" delete "per".

Page 5-line 21                          Delete "information shall include the".

Page 5-line 22                          After "sources" insert ":".

Page 5-line 23                          Delete.

Page 6-line 10                          Delete "information shall include the"; delete "as".

Page 6-line 11                          Delete "of which"; delete ";" insert ".".

Page 6-line 13                          Delete "(v)" insert "(b)".

Page 6-line 15                          Delete "(A)" insert "(i)".

Page 6-line 17                          Delete "(B)" insert "(ii)".

Page 6-line 20                          Delete "(C)" insert "(iii)".

Page 6-after line 21                  Insert and renumber:

            "(c)  Information shall include a disclaimer stating that the actual retail price of the drug in local pharmacies may vary.".

Page 6-line 23                          Delete "(vi)" insert "(d)".

Page 7-line 1                            Delete "separately".  SCOTT, CHAIRMAN



Page 5-line 1                            After "section" insert "or W.S. 35-7-1603".

Page 5-line 8                            After "(a)" insert "Any person who provides"; after "drugs" insert "to a prescriber"; after "include" insert ":".

Page 5-lines 9 and 10               Delete.  SCOTT


1/21/2005               S Failed CoW; Indef Postponed



Ayes:  Senator(s) Boggs, Burns, Case, Cooper, Decaria, Job, Massie, Meier, Mockler, Schiffer, Scott, Townsend and Vasey.

Nays:  Senator(s) Anderson, J., Aullman, Barrasso, Geis, Hanes, Hines, Jennings, Johnson, Larson, Nicholas, Peck, Ross, Sessions and Von Flatern.

Excused:  Senator(s) Coe, Hawks and Northrup.

Ayes 13    Nays 14    Excused 3    Absent 0    Conflicts 0