Daily Committee Meetings

Days 1-20

2006 Budget Session

1st Monday 02/13/06 House Senate
2nd Tuesday 02/14/06 House Senate
3rd Wednesday 02/15/06 House Senate
4th Thursday 02/16/06 House Senate
5th Friday 02/17/06 House Senate
6th Monday 02/20/06 House Senate
7th Tuesday 02/21/06 House Senate
8th Wednesday 02/22/06 House Senate
9th Thursday 02/23/06 House Senate
10th Friday 02/24/06 House Senate
11th Monday 02/27/06 House Senate
12th Tuesday 02/28/06 House Senate
13th Wednesday 03/01/06 House Senate
14th Thursday 03/02/06 House Senate
15th Friday 03/03/06 House Senate
16th Monday 03/06/06 House Senate
17th Tuesday 03/07/06 House Senate
18th Wednesday 03/08/06 House Senate
19th Thursday 03/09/06 House Senate
20th Friday 03/10/06 No Meetings No Meetings

Standing Committee Schedules

Each Standing Committee of the House and Senate has established a Standard Schedule  for meetings to be held by the Committee during the 2006 Budget Session. Note: This is a flexible schedule showing the typical times when each Committee meets during the week.  The Committees may or may not meet at these times or may schedule a different meeting time depending upon workload.

 To determine if a Standing Committee has scheduled a meeting for a particular day of the Session, please check the Daily Committee Meetings schedule to the left.  Note: meeting notices typically are not posted until late afternoon of the day prior to the Committee meeting.

Standard Meeting Schedule for Standing Committees During 2006 Budget Session


  • #1 Judiciary: Mon-Wed-Fri upon afternoon adjournment
  • #2 Appropriations: Mon-Wed-Fri 1:00pm, Tue & Thu 8:00am
  • #3 Revenue: Tue & Thu  noon
  • #4 Education: Mon-Wed-Fri 8:00am
  • #5 Agriculture: Tue & Thu upon afternoon adjournment
  • #6 Travel: Tue & Thu 8:00am
  • #7 Corporations: Tue & Thu 8:00am
  • #8 Transportation: Mon-Wed-Fri upon afternoon adjournment
  • #9 Minerals: Mon-Wed-Fri noon
  • #10 Labor: Mon-Wed-Fri 8:00am


  • #1 Judiciary: Upon call of the chairman
  • #2 Appropriations: Upon call of the chairman
  • #3 Revenue: Mon-Wed-Fri morning
  • #4 Education: Mon & Wed upon afternoon adjournment, Fri noon
  • #5 Agriculture: Tue & Thu morning
  • #6 Travel: Mon-Wed-Fri morning
  • #7 Corporations: Mon - Tue - Thu noon
  • #8 Transportation: Tue & Thu upon afternoon adjournment
  • #9 Minerals: Mon-Wed-Fri morning
  • #10 Labor: Mon & Wed upon afternoon adjournment, Fri noon