Standard Budget:                 $30,000

 Priority     3 1      Subdivisions

The committee will take a closer look at the subdivision laws as they relate to very large acre parcels.  Specifically, the committee will look at optional acreage jurisdiction for counties and disclosure requirements under the subdivision laws.

Priority     1 2      Business friendly vs. Fraud friendly business entity

The federal government has targeted Wyoming as one of three states with business entity laws that have the most potential for fraudulent activities.  The committee will work with the secretary of state's office to examine and address those business entity statutes that are causing alarm and anticipates that the secretary of state will assist the committee in drafting needed legislation.

Priority     2 3      Election laws

The committee will look at the statutes governing political action committees and campaign financing.  Additionally, the secretary of state has indicated that they may have additional clean-up of the election laws based on new   requirements under the Help America Vote Act. The committee will also review Special District election issues. [Note: Priorities changed and Underscored language added by Management Council]

 Priority     4         GROUNDWORK FOR FUTURE STUDY:  Model Corporation Act

The committee would like to lay the groundwork for review and amendment of the Wyoming corporations act to more closely follow the model corporation act.  The committee anticipates that this will be a multi-year study, with the first year consisting of working with the Wyoming state bar to determine the areas where Wyoming law differs from the model act. [Note: This topic was designated by Management Council as "2009 legislation".  This indicates that the study was  authorized by the Council with the understanding that background work on the topic may commence in the 2007 interim, but with the  further expectation that any major legislation on the issue will be developed by the Committee during the 2008 interim for introduction in the 2009 General Session.]

 Priority     5         MONITORING:  [Note: Council directed that no legislation will be drafted relating to any of the following issues without the prior approval of the Management Council]:

  (a) Reports from the Public Service Commission. The committee anticipates receiving several reports from the public service commission regarding implementation of various laws passed this session, including telecommunications and legislation in the electric utility area.  The committee does not expect any substantial legislation to be forthcoming from these reports.

  (b)  Agency reports. Every year there are various agency requests for small statutory changes to clean up their laws.  The committee does not anticipate much time on these issues.

  (c)  Lobbyist disclosure.       The committee would like to receive information from the League of Women Voters and the Equality State Policy Center regarding the additional legislation that may be considered regarding lobbyist disclosure.  The committee does not anticipate large amounts of staff time to be spent on this topic, but will review proposals brought forth by those entities.

Tentative Meeting Schedule

The committee anticipates one 2-day meeting in the latter half of May, one 2-day meeting in the middle of July and one 2-day meeting in September to precede the council of government meetings in Jackson.  The committee does not anticipate needing any other meetings.

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