Standard Budget:                 $40,000

 Priority     1         Statutory Studies

(a)  Allocation/Use Study:  2006 Laws, Chapter 37, Section 8, directed study of school district use of resources paid under the recalibrated block grant model.  Final report due in sufficient time to submit recommendations to the 2008 budget session.

 (b)  School Configuration Guidelines:  2006 Laws, Chapter 37, Section7(a) requires development of statewide guidelines on configuration of schools for computations under the recalibrated block grant model.

 (c)  At-Risk:   2007 HB0115 requires review of at-risk resources provided under block grant model and district at-risk strategies and effectiveness, with recommendations on refinement of at-risk model components.  Study to include alternative schools and Committee added review of coordinated school health/welfare programs.

 (d)  Summer School-Extended Day/Instructional Facilitators:  2007 HB0115 requires recommendations on future funding of these components, to continue off-model/categorical or to include as a component within block grant.

 (e)  Food Services: 2006 Laws, Chapter 37, Section 7(e) requires review of district revenues/expenditures for food service programs and recommendations on addressing program revenue shortfalls.

 (f)  Student Activities: 2006 Laws, Chapter 37, Section 7(f) requires review of district student activity program expenditures and based on expenditure data, to develop necessary model refinements.

(g)  Distance (Virtual)  Education: 2007 HB0115 requires development of recommendations on state governance, operation and funding of school district distance education programs.

 (h)  Hathaway Program:  2007 HB0099 requires analysis and recommendations on the feasibility of expanding Hathaway Student Scholarship Program to other institutions and student groups.

 (i)  Community Colleges: Review funding, structure and governance of community college system following receipt of executive branch report. [Note: Underscored language added by Management Council]

 (j) Library report:  2006 Laws, Chapter 35, Section 321(c), requires a report on the use of funds appropriated to the Wyoming State Library, University of Wyoming and each community college for library materials and fund effectiveness in enhancing library services, and University efforts to reapply for Greater Western Library Alliance and Association of Research Libraries membership. [Note: Underscored language added by Management Council]

Priority     2         Career-Technical Education Study.

Developing state policy on career-technical programs through the preparation of highschool students for a full range of post-secondary options, including two and four yearcollege, apprenticeship, military and formal employment training, connection of academic and technical curriculum grounded in academic and industry  standards, institution of innovative strategies for ensuring student access to career choices as wellas opportunities for work-based learning, dual enrollment in related post-secondary education and a seamless transition to career-technical programs or other post-secondary options.  The goal is to provide students with career options in the highschool curriculum for developing career pathways , inter-connecting academic and career course work, to address high school drop-outs and to connect high school exit requirements with post-secondary/career technical program entry requirements. [Note: This topic was designated by Management Council as "2009 legislation".  This indicates that the study was  authorized by the Council with the understanding that background work on the topic may commence in the 2007 interim, but with the  further expectation that any major legislation on the issue will be developed by the Committee during the 2008 interim for introduction in the 2009 General Session.]

Priority     3         School District Health Insurance. [Note: Study Topic 3 was not approved by Management Council]


Priority     4         Higher Education Quality Improvement Initiatives.

Meet with representatives of the University of Wyoming and the community colleges to review their programs and long range plans, including the University's academic plan.  Examine the overall quality of education at the institutions and how excellence can be achieved through the excellence in higher education endowment and other means. [Note: Underscored language added by Management Council]

Priority     5         School District Local Resources.

Review school district cash flow requirements and develop recommendations and policy on school revenues and revenue distributions.  In light of passage of Amendment B to the Wyoming Constitution, the study would investigate the feasibility of redirecting revenue flows currently flowing through counties to school districts to the state in computing distributions to school districts through the school foundation program account.  The intent is to simplify the process and ease the burdens imposed upon school districts by protested tax payments, etc.

Tentative Meeting Schedule:            Council approved the following meeting schedule: 1 day meeting in May; 2 day meeting in August; 1 day meeting in October;  2 day meeting in December.


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