Standard Budget:                   $6,000

Priority     1         General Responsibilities

Created by Management Council, the Select Committee on Tribal Relations works with the Eastern Shoshone Indian Tribe, the Northern Arapaho Indian Tribe and various state agencies, in addressing services and needs on the Wind River Reservation. The Committee addresses health and safety, water (including potable water to homes), education, transportation, gaming, communications, minerals, revenue, economic development and other issues that are a concern to the citizens on and near the Reservation.

Priority     2         State-Tribal Summit

The Committee will schedule a State-Tribal Summit at the fall meeting.  This summit will allow State Legislators, State Agencies and Tribal Agencies to meet in a forum setting to discuss various issues.  The Committee anticipates to develop a tutorial paper for State and Tribal agencies. The State-Tribal Summit will involve a 2-day meeting and the Select Committee will coordinate this meeting with the Tribal Relations Study and the Tribal Water summit authorized in Sections 339 and 340 of the 2007 Supplemental Budget Bill, House Bill 0001 [Note: Underscored language added by Management Council]

 Priority     3         Reports From State Agencies and Tribal Agencies

The Committee will review reports from State and Tribal agencies as necessary, but specifically this interim from water, health, education and the Public Service Commission.  The Committee will consider other agencies in subsequent years.

Priority     4         Joint Powers Boards

The Committee will consider the structure of joint powers boards and how they may be used on and near the Wind River Reservation, particularly for water projects.

Tentative Meeting Schedule

The Committee anticipates one 2-day meeting in May, one 2-day meeting in July and a 2-day Summit in September.  Part of at least one meeting will include a field trip to acquaint the Committee and other Legislators of conditions on and near the Wind River Reservation.

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