02/19/084:47 PM

                                                         Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Time                                      Committee                                                           Room

  9:00 a.m.                                1-Judiciary                                                             H8                 

                                                 HB0137         Castle doctrine.

  Upon adjournment                2-Appropriations                                                   204      

                                                 HB0151         Property tax relief program amendments.

                                                                         Re-referred from Revenue

                                                 HB0117         Developmental preschool funding.

                                                                         Re-referred from Education

                                                 HB0155         Recruitment of physicians and dentists.

                                                                         Re-referred from Labor

                                                 HB0082         Trauma care services.

                                                                         Re-referred from Labor

  9:00 a.m.                                5-Agriculture                                                         H11                

                                                 HB0088         Omnibus water bill-planning.

  Upon noon recess                  7-Corporations                                                      H18                

                                                 HB0145         Professional and commercial licenses-lawful residents.

                                                                         Rescheduled from 2/18/2008

                                                 HB0125         Insurance-use of credit information.

                                                 SF0004          Foreclosure-redemption period.

                                                                         If introduced and referred

                                                 SF0011ENG   Subdivisions-large acre parcels.

                                                                         If introduced and referred

  Upon adjournment.               8-Transportation                                                   H17                

                                                 HB0108         Railroad quiet zones.

                                                 HB0012         Veterans' mental health appropriations.

                                                 HB0051         Multiple special handicapped license plates.

                                                                         HB0135, HB0136 will be heard Thursday 2/21/08


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