2008 Budget Session


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Seventh Day

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Convening Time:
10:00 AM

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SF0002 Select natural resources funding committee-chairmanship. Burns

SF0006 Costs for emergency detentions-limitations. M HLTH & SA

SF0007 Animal damage management program. AGRICULTURE

SF0008 Farm loan program. AGRICULTURE

SF0010 Mental health and substance abuse appropriations. M HLTH & SA

SF0021 Hathaway scholarship program. EDUCATION

SF0025 National guard life insurance contribution option. TRANSPORTATION

SF0030 Commercial vehicle licensing. Geis

SF0032 Board of parole-authorizing changes in length of parole. JUDICIARY

SF0043 Reportable animal disease list. Geis

SF0044 Residential Mortgages Practices Act. MINERALS

SF0045 School districts-payment of employee association dues. Larson

SF0049 Impact assistance payments. Von Flatern

SF0051 Mentor hunter program. Jennings

SF0064 Valid court orders. JUDICIARY


SF0001 General government appropriations. APPROPRIATIONS

SF0005 Peace officers-probation and parole agents. Fecht

SF0013 Mental Health Professions Practice Act-amendments. M HLTH & SA

SF0024 Health insurance-clinical trials. LABOR

SF0027 County nuisance abatement authority. Ross

SF0028 Investment of state funds-revisions. CAP FIN & INV

SF0029 Public library endowment challenge program. Coe

SF0036 Public health emergencies-volunteers. LABOR

SF0047 Wyoming state training school amendments. DEVELOP

SF0054 School finance-rebated recapture. MGT COUNCIL

SF0056 Omnibus water bill-construction. WATER

SF0058 State trust land management account. AGRICULTURE

SF0062 Emergency medical technicians. LABOR

SF0065 Post-conviction relief petitions-DNA evidence. JUDICIARY

SF0066 Community juvenile services. JUDICIARY
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