3:18 PM ? 02/11/08

                                                       Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Time                                  Committee                                                               Room

  8:00 a.m.                            2-Appropriations                                                      S 13               

                                             SF0006               Costs for emergency detentions-limitations.

                                             SF0010               Mental health and substance abuse appropriations.

                                             SF0052               Boards and commissions-compensation.

                                             SF0053               Common school reserve account funding.

                                             SF0055               Appropriation for the legislature.

                                                            If introduced and assigned.

  12:20 p.m.                          3-Revenue                                                                  S16                

                                             SF0023               Installment payment agreements on tax assessments.

                                             SF0028               Investment of state funds-revisions.

                                             SF0033               Veteran's tax exemption.

                                             SF0039               State miner's hospital board.

                                             SF0048               Reporting requirements.

                                                            If introduced and assigned.

  on adjournment                  5-Agriculture                                                             S15                

                                             SF0007               Animal damage management program.

                                             SF0008               Farm loan program.

                                             SF0043               Reportable animal disease list.

                                             SF0058               State trust land management account.

                                                            If introduced and assigned.

  8 a.m.                                 6-Travel                                                                     S14                

                                             SF0003               Game and fish-funding.

                                             SF0069               Wildlife and natural resource funding amendments.

                                             SF0063               Natural resource large project funding.

                                                            If introduced and assigned.

  8 a.m.                                 7-Corporations                                                          S19                

                                             SF0004               Foreclosure-redemption period.

                                             SF0009               State retirement-board immunity.

                                             SF0011               Subdivisions-large acre parcels.

                                                       SF0018                  Business entities-revisions.

                                                      If introduced and assigned.

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