2:34 PM - 02/14/08

                                                         Friday, February 15, 2008

Time                                   Committee                                                                Room

  8 a.m.                                 1-Judiciary                                                                 S1                 

                                             SF0042                Wyoming Court Security Act.

                                             SF0005                Peace officers-probation and parole agents.

                                             SF0027                County nuisance abatement authority.

                                             SF0040                Uniform Trust Code-amendments.

                                                                         If time permits

  8 a.m.                                 2-Appropriations                                                        S 13               

                                             SF0066                Community juvenile services.

                                                                         rereferred from Judiciary

                                             SF0062                Emergency medical technicians.

                                                                         rereferred from Labor

                                             SF0083                Retirement-rehired retirees.

                                             SF0084                Firemen's pension account-amendments.

  8 a.m.                                 4-Education                                                                S11                

                                             SF0070                School finance-amendments.

                                             SF0029                Public library endowment challenge program.

                                             SF0060                Community college certificates.

                                             SF0071                Hathaway scholarship program-success curriculum.

  20 minutes after noon          9-Minerals                                                                 S18                


                                             SF0019                Clandestine drug laboratories-remediation.

                                                                         Continued from 2-13-08

                                             SF0014                Small employer health insurance.

                                             SF0046                Discharged water management.

  8 a.m.                                 10-Labor                                                                     S20                

                                             SF0024                Health insurance-clinical trials.

                                             SF0047                Wyoming state training school amendments.


7 a.m.                                                Select Committee on Legislative Technology         302

                                             The purpose of this meeting will be to review technology

                                                            issues and to discuss the role of the Technology Committee

                                                            incorporating public relations into committee responsibilities.



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