HOUSE COMMITTEE MEETING NOTICES               02/23/09 2:28 PM

                                                               Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Time                                          Committee                                                               Room

  8:00 a.m.                                    1-Judiciary                                                                 H8                     

                                                     SF0088ENG   Required use of ignition interlock devices.

                                                                             Continued from 2/10/2009

                                                     SF0129ENG   Juvenile justice amendments.

                                                                             Continued from 2/20/2009

  8:00 a.m.                                    2-Appropriations                                                       204             

                                                     SF0087ENG   Wolf brucellosis testing.

                                                                             Rereferred from Travel

                                                                             The committee will also hear any additional rereferred?

                                                                             bills that might be assigned on February 23, 2009.

  8:00 a.m.                                   5-Agriculture?                                                                H11

                                                     SF0034                Beginning agricultural producer finance authority.


                                                                             Committee discussion of interim topics.         

  Upon adjournment                    5-Agriculture                                                             S15                    

                                                                             Joint Committee Meeting of Interim Topics

  Upon noon recess                      7-Corporations                                                          H18                    

                                                     SF0145ENG   Hospital and health care districts-services to


                                                     SF0118ENG   Continuance of insurance coverage.

                                                     SF0080ENG   Electrical installation-exceptions.

  Upon adjournment                    8-Transportation                                                       H17                    

                                                     SF0119ENG   Public transportation funding.

                                                     SF0134ENG   Embossed license plates.

                                                     SF0143ENG   Marking structures that obstruct flight.

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