HOUSE COMMITTEE MEETING NOTICES               2/25/09 2:27 PM

                                                             Thursday, February 26, 2009

Time                                          Committee                                                               Room

  8:00 a.m.                                    7-Corporations                                                          H18

                                                                       Joint Meeting:

                                                                       a) Informal meeting with Public Service Commission

                                                                                               b) Confirmation hearing: Al Minier (Senate Members only

                                                                                               c)       (9:00 a.m.) Discuss Interim topics


Upon noon recess                        7-Corporations                                                          H18                    

                                                     SF0118ENG   Continuance of insurance coverage.

                                                                             continued from 2/24/09

                                                     SF0080ENG   Electrical installation-exceptions.

                                                                             continued from 2/24/09


  Upon adjournment                    8-Transportation                                                       H17                    

                                                                             To discuss interim topics.

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