2009 General Session


* * * * * * * * * * * *

Eleventh Day

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Convening Time:
10:00 AM

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SF0031 Brucellosis surveillance program-2. Hines

SF0047 Hathaway student scholarship program administration. EDUCATION

SF0062 Discretionary Clause Prohibition Act. Ross

SF0068 Omnibus water bill-construction. WATER

SF0075 Economic development account. MINERALS

SF0084 Aggravated assault-choking. Hastert

SF0113 Wyoming health insurance pool. Meier

SF0124 Education reserve funding. APPROPRIATIONS

SF0125 State employee compensation. APPROPRIATIONS


NOTE: Those Bills at the top of the General File list which appear out of numerical sequence are

TENTATIVELY scheduled for consideration during the following Committee of the Whole. However, the actual

order of consideration of bills on General file in Committee of the Whole is subject to change at any time.

SF0072 Corporations act-amendments. CORPORATIONS

SF0101 Trona utility shot-firer certification. Hastert

SF0060 National guard youth challenge program. TRANSPORTATION

SF0098 Fines for speeding trucks. Geis

SF0110 Designated real estate agents. Bebout

SF0095 Medical necessity review procedures. Ross

SF0107 Court Supervised Treatment Programs Act. Ross

SF0054 Physical therapist licensure. Massie

SF0063 Text messages while driving prohibited. Esquibel, F.

SF0065 Cellular phone use prohibited while driving. Esquibel, F.

SF0115 Investment of state funds-revision. Larson

SF0040 Court ordered placements-BOCES reimbursements. Anderson, J.

SF0127 Junk dealers. Ross