3:01 PM ? 01/13/09

                                                         Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Time                                      Committee                                                                   Room

  8 a.m.                                     1-Judiciary                                                                     S1                     

                                                 SF0061                       Sex offender registration.

                                                 SF0025                       District courts-release of information.

                                                 SF0078                       Interference with service of process.

                                                 SF0019                       Costs of emergency detention and hospitalization.


  8 a.m.                                        4-Education                                                                           S11                    

                                                 SF0047                       Hathaway student scholarship program administration.

                                                 SF0046                       School district facility lease fees-limitations.

                                                 SF0023                       Accelerated nursing degree loan repayment program.

                                                                SF0052                       School bus seat belts.

  Upon adjournment                 8-Transportation                                                           S13                    

                                                 SF0057                       Rental vehicles.

                                                 SF0058                       Vehicle title and registration.

                                                 SF0059                       Road closure.

                                                                             IF time allows

  at noon or 30 min after          9-Minerals                                                                      S18                    


                                                 SF0044                       Pipeline inspection and safety.

                                                 SF0003                       Abandoned mine reclamation-liens.

                                                 SF0022                       Wyoming Economic Development Act.

  8:00 a.m.                                10-Labor                                                                        S20                    

                                                 SF0049                       Psychologist licensure.

                                                                             Discussion of Community Services Block Grant

                                                                             Preliminary discussion of Health Reform Issues


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