3:02 PM ? 1/14/09

                                                          Thursday, January 15, 2009

Time                                      Committee                                                                   Room

  2 p.m.                                     2-Appropriations                                                          204


                                                The Joint Appropriations Committee will meet to hear

                                                call backs with the Game and Fish Department and the

                                                State Retirement Board.

20 minutes after noon             3-Revenue                                                                      S16                    


                                                 SF0029                       Increased industrial road program limits.

                                                 SF0033                       Public easements-abandonment.

                                                 SF0053                       Property tax-deferral program.


  Upon noon recess                  6-Travel                                                                         S14                    

                                                 SF0004                       State parks and cultural resources-Fort Bridger.

                                                 SF0006                       Wyoming arts council-revisions.

                                                 SF0007                       Historic mine trail and byway program.

                                                 SF0015                       Cultural tourism and heritage areas.

                                                 SF0005                       State parks and cultural resources-South Pass City.

                                                                             if time permits

  8 a.m.                                     7-Corporations                                                              S19                    

                                                 SF0002                       Insurance-financial reporting requirements.

                                                 SF0042                       Select committee on local government financing.

                                                 SF0012                       Campaign contributions.

                                                 SF0030                       Bar and grill liquor licenses.

                                                                             If time permits


7:30 a.m.                                  Agriculture, State and Public Lands and Water        B63

                                                 Resources Committees                                                  Herschler

                                                 The Committees will hold a briefing on the health

                                                 of Wyoming's Forests to include overall trends,

                                                 current issues, the infrastructure and outlook for

                                                 the future.






Upon adjournment                   Agriculture, State and Public Lands and Water        B63

of both houses                          Resources Committees                                                  Herschler                                                                                                                    

                                                 The Committees will hold a briefing on Wyoming

                                                 Water to include? current issues, the infrastructure and

                                                 proposed projects.


4 p.m.                                       House and Senate Rules and Procedures                    302


                                                 The House and Senate Committees will meet jointly to

                                                 discuss possible changes to the Joint Rules.