12:28 PM - 1/30/09

                                                            Monday, February 2, 2009

Time                                      Committee                                                                   Room

  8 a.m.                                     1-Judiciary                                                                     HERSCHLER


                                                 HB0057                      Ownership of pore space-dominance of mineral estate.

                                                 HB0058                      Responsibilities of injectors and pore space owners.

                                                 HB0080ENG              Sequestration site unitization.

  1 p.m.                                     2-Appropriations                                                          S13                    

                                                 SF0039                       Child health insurance program.

                                                                             re-referred #10 Labor

                                                 SF0108                       Long-term care facilities.

                                                                             re-referred #10 Labor

Upon adjournment                        2-Appropriations                                                                             204

                                                                 SF0138                        Health care professions database.

                                                 SF0146                          NCAR supercomputer funding.


  Upon adjournment                 8-Transportation                                                           S13                    

                                                 SF0134                       Embossed license plates.

                                                 HB0025                      Special license plate retention by spouse.

                                                 HB0107ENG              Stopped school bus.

                                                 SF0143                       Marking structures that obstruct flight.

  At noon or 30 min after         9-Minerals                                                                      S18                    

  noon recess

                                                 SF0135                           Risk management.

                                                 HB0110ENG                Wyoming business ready community program.

                                                 HB0111                      Clean coal task force.

                                                 HB0029ENG                Tribal participation in community facilities program.

7 a.m.                                        10-Labor                                                                            S20                    

                                                 SF0141                       Midwives licensure.

                                                 SF0066                       Medicaid-foot care.

                                                 SF0018                       Mental injury-workers' compensation.

                                                 SF0129                       Juvenile justice amendments.

                                                 SF0093                       Oral health initiative.