2:36 PM - 2/18/09

                                                         Thursday, February 19, 2009

Time                                      Committee                                                                   Room

  1 p.m.                                      2-Appropriations                                                          S13?

                                                 HB0240ENG              Elected state officials-benefits.

                                                                HB0144ENG              Transparency in government.

  Upon adjournment                 2-Appropriations                                                          S13?                           

                                                                HB0134                      Natural resource large project funding.

                                                                             Re-referred from #06 Travel

                                                 HB0299ENG           School facilities-budget process.

                                                                                                      Re-referred from #04 Education

                                                 HB0163ENG           Physician assistant school.

                                                                             Re-referred from #04 Education

                                                 HB0152ENG           Athletic trainers-licensing.

                                                                             Re-referred from #04 Education

  30 minutes after noon            3-Revenue                                                                      S16                    


                                                 HB0283ENG           Taxation and revenue-digital products.

                                                 HB0068ENG           Property tax-homestead exemption.

                                                 HB0215ENG           Tax exemption for renewable resources.

  7 a.m.                                     4-Education                                                                   S11                    

                                                 HB0258                      Charter schools-funding.

                                                 HB0255ENG           School districts-kindergarten programs.

                                                 HB0236ENG           School finance-instructional facilitator program.

                                                 HB0248ENG           School facilities-remedy criteria.

  Upon adjournment                 5-Agriculture                                                                 S15                    

                                                 HB0213ENG           Rangeland monitoring.

  20 minutes after noon            6-Travel                                                                         S14                    


                                                 HB0286ENG           Federal natural resources policy account.

                                                 HB0302ENG           Game and fish-pioneer fishing license.

                                                 HJ0016ENG            Immigration reform.

  8 a.m.                                     7-Corporations                                                              S19                    

                                                 HB0039ENG           Population determinations-use of federal census.

                                                 HB0279ENG           Statements of consideration-review.