1:56 PM - 2/19/09

                                                            Friday, February 20, 2009

Time                                      Committee                                                                   Room

  7:30 am                                  1-Judiciary                                                                     S1                     

                                                 HB0073                      Victims of crimes-reporting and notification.

                                                 HB0222ENG           Establishment of private roads.

                                                 HB0231ENG           Motor vehicle accidents-serious bodily injury or death.

  8 a.m.                                     2-Appropriations                                                          S13       

                                                 HB0097ENG              Weights and measures.

                                                                                                      Re-referred from #05 Agriculture

                                                     HB0162ENG              State employees retirement-military credit.

  1 p.m.                                      2-Appropriations                                                          S14

                                                 HB0033ENG           Expanded opportunity pilot program.

                                                                             Re-referred from #04 Education

  15 minutes after noon            8-Transportation                                                           S13                    


                                                 HB0183                      Military tuition assistance.

                                                                             continued from 2/18/09

                                                 HB0179ENG           Phase two study-I-80 tolling.

                                                 HB0085ENG           Motor vehicle chain law.

  At noon or 30 min after         9-Minerals                                                                      S18                    


                                                 HB0295ENG           Western states energy and environment symposium.

                                                                             Rereferred and continued from 2/18/09

                                                 HB0262ENG           Very rare and uncommon areas.

                                                 HB0169ENG                Mortgage loan originators.

  7:30 a.m.                                10-Labor                                                                        S20                    

                                                 HB0054ENG           Workers' compensation amendments.

                                                                             Continuation of committee meeting of Wednesday,

                                                                                                     February 18, 2009.

                                                 HB0146ENG           Emergency medical services sustainability trust.

                                                                             If time permits.

  1 p.m.                                     12-Rules                                                                         S5                     

                                                 HB0061ENG           Revisor's bill.

                                                 HB0127ENG           Obsolete laws-general revisions.

                                                 HB0160                      Constituent service allowance.