4:36 PM - 2/24/09

                                                        Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Time                                      Committee                                                                   Room

  Noon recess                           1-Judiciary                                                                     S1                     

                                                                             To discuss interim topics.

  1 p.m.                                    2-Appropriations                                                          S13

                                                 HB0161                      Serve Wyoming.

                                                                                                     Re-referred from #09 Minerals

                                                                HB0295ENG              Western states energy and environment symposium.

                                                                                                     Re-referred from #09 Minerals

  Upon adjournment                 2-Appropriations                                                          S14                    

                                                 HB0146ENG           Emergency medical services sustainability trust.

                                                                             Re-referred from #10 Labor

                                                 HB0294ENG           Prescription drug database.

                                                                             Re-referred from #07 Corporations

                                                 HB0069ENG           Driver's education program funding.

                                                                             Re-referred from #04 Education

  8 a.m.                                     4-Education                                                                   S11                    

                                                 HB0249ENG           Public education accountability.

                                                 HB0108ENG           Student activities participation fees.

  10 minutes after                     8-Transportation                                                           S13                    


                                                 HB0191ENG           Motor carrier transportation contracts.

                                                                             To discuss interim topics

  At noon or 30 min after         9-Minerals                                                                      S18                    


                                                 HB0239ENG           Big Horn basin discovery center.

                                                                             Possible Discussion of Interim Topics OR Confirmation

                                                                              of Governor's Appointees

  7:30 a.m.                                10-Labor                                                                        S20                    

                                                 HB0298ENG           Medical Practice Act revisions.

       8 a.m.                                     Select Committee on Tribal Relations                         S19

                                                                              To discuss interim projects.

        Upon adjournment                Joint Travel Committee                                                H11

                                                                              To discuss interim topics.