H.B. No. 0084

Economic development-property tax exemption.


Sponsored By:     Representative(s) Illoway, Anderson, R., Buchanan and Throne and Senator(s) Bebout, Cooper, Dockstader, Meier and Ross


AN ACT relating to taxation and revenue; providing a property tax exemption for community development organizations as specified; and providing for an effective date.


1/5/2009    Bill Number Assigned

1/13/2009   H Received for Introduction

1/14/2009   H Introduced and Referred to H09

1/26/2009   H09 Recommended Amend and Do Pass



Ayes:  Representative(s) Brechtel, Byrd, Harvey, Lockhart, Meyer, Moniz, Roscoe, Stubson and Zwonitzer, Dv.

Ayes 9    Nays 0    Excused 0    Absent 0    Conflicts 0


1/26/2009   H Placed on General File



Page 2-line 2           After "organization" insert "which property does not generate net income in an amount that exceeds applicable property taxes as shown by certified financial records produced to the department.".  LOCKHART, CHAIRMAN


1/27/2009   H Passed CoW



Delete the standing committee amendment (HB0084HS001/A) entirely and further amend as follows:

Page 2-line 2           After "organization" insert "to the extent the property is not leased to a for profit business".  MCOMIE


1/28/2009   H Passed 2nd Reading



Delete the Standing Committee amendment (HB0084HS001/A).

Delete the McOmie second reading amendment (HB0084H2001/A).

Further amend as follows:

Page 2-line 2           After "organization" insert "as provided in this paragraph.  If the community development organization's property is leased to a for profit entity it shall be exempt under this paragraph only if the lessee is a newly created business that does not generate a net profit from operations on the property in an amount greater than the property taxes that would otherwise be due, as shown by certified financial records produced to the department, and, in no event, shall the exemption exceed three (3) years for any one (1) lease to a for profit entity".  MADDEN, MCOMIE


1/29/2009   H Passed 3rd Reading



Ayes:  Representative(s) Anderson, R., Bagby, Barbuto, Berger, Blake, Bonner, Brechtel, Brown, Buchanan, Byrd, Cannady, Carson, Childers, Cohee, Connolly, Craft, Diercks, Edmonds, Esquibel, K., Gilmore, Gingery, Goggles, Hales, Hammons, Harshman, Harvey, Illoway, Jorgensen, Lockhart, Madden, McKim, McOmie, Mercer, Meyer, Miller, Millin, Moniz, Patton, Pedersen, Petersen, Philp, Quarberg, Semlek, Shepperson, Simpson, Stubson, Thompson, Throne, Zwonitzer, Dn. and Zwonitzer, Dv.

Nays:  Representative(s) Davison, Hallinan, Jaggi, Landon, Lubnau, Peasley, Roscoe, Steward, Teeters and Wallis

Ayes 50    Nays 10    Excused 0    Absent 0    Conflicts 0


2/2/2009    S Received for Introduction

2/2/2009    S Introduced and Referred to S03; No Report Prior to CoW Cutoff

3/3/2009    S Died In Committee