H.B. No. 0200

Property tax sales-highest bidder.


Sponsored By:     Representative(s) Zwonitzer, Dv., Anderson, R. and Senator(s) Hunnicutt


AN ACT relating to property taxes; requiring property tax sales to be made to the highest bidder; specifying the amount to be paid to redeem; and providing for an effective date.


1/15/2009   Bill Number Assigned

1/19/2009   H Received for Introduction

1/21/2009   H Introduced and Referred to H03; No Report Prior to CoW Cutoff

2/26/2009   Motion to Do Pass Failed



Ayes:  Representative(s) Anderson, R., Goggles, Madden and Wallis

Nays:  Representative(s) Edmonds, Esquibel, K., Miller, Petersen and Semlek

Ayes 4    Nays 5    Excused 0    Absent 0    Conflicts 0


3/4/2009    H Committee Returned Bill Pursuant to HR 4-3(c)