H.B. No. 0203



Sponsored By:     Representative(s) Connolly, Barbuto, Bonner, Byrd, Childers, Esquibel, K., Shepperson, Throne, Wallis and Zwonitzer, Dn. and Senator(s) Burns and Massie


AN ACT relating to discrimination; prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation as specified; and providing for an effective date.


1/15/2009   Bill Number Assigned

1/19/2009   H Received for Introduction

1/26/2009   H Introduced and Referred to H01

2/2/2009    H01 Recommended Amend and Do Pass



Ayes:  Representative(s) Bagby, Barbuto, Cannady, Gingery and Throne

Nays:  Representative(s) Mercer, Patton, Peasley and Quarberg

Ayes 5    Nays 4    Excused 0    Absent 0    Conflicts 0


2/2/2009    H Placed on General File; Did Not Consider in CoW