Brand inspection fees.







FY 2010

FY 2011

FY 2012





Anticipated Revenue Increase:




OTHER – Brand Inspection Fund





Source of Revenue Increase:

Collection of fees to cover actual costs of additional necessary expenses reimbursable to brand inspectors including transportation, supplies or equipment relating to services required by the Board.



In 2007, brand inspectors were called out on 381 services calls to get livestock off roadways, at an average of 32.5 miles per call, totaling 12,382.50 miles at $0.485 per mile, equaling about $6,006.  Inspectors investigated 1,500 estray cases, at an average of 32.5 miles per case, totaling 48,750 miles at $0.485 per mile, equaling about $23,644.  Twenty percent of investigations covered by part time inspectors equal 300 at one (1) hour per investigation, totaling 300 hours at $12 per hour, equaling $3,600.  Extrapolating out the cost of trailer use by inspectors in the BFY 2009 equals $400 per year.  Equipment rental and maintenance of chutes equals $512.


Additional necessary expenses will now be offset by the revenue increase resulting from the collection of fees.













Prepared by:   Joy Hill, LSO               Phone: 777-7881

(Information provided by Anne Iske, Wyoming Livestock Board, ph. 777-7516)