Mandatory minimum sentence for sex abuse of a minor.





The fiscal impact is indeterminable due to an unknown number of cases. 


Source of Expenditure Increase:

The creation of minimum sentences for criminal offenses creates a potential cost for supervision or incarceration for the duration of that offense.  Each year of incarceration, per inmate, will cost the State, in current dollars, approximately $33,000 for the cost of incarceration and approximately $10,680 for medical costs.  The cost for traditional supervision of a probationer is approximately $1,100 per year, while the cost of supervision for a probationer under the intensive supervision program is approximately $7,300 per year.  The cost could be higher if WDOC has to construct more prison beds to accommodate more offenders staying in prison longer.



There are no current measures that would allow for an accurate prediction of the number of individuals sentenced pursuant to the proposed legislation.  Because the underlying statute is relatively new, few offenders have been sentenced pursuant to it and there is insufficient information to determine what the average minimum sentence currently served is.



Prepared by: Brian Farmer, Department of Corrections  Phone: 777-5983






The fiscal impact to the judicial system is indeterminable due to an unknown number of cases.



Prepared by:   Joann Stockdale, Supreme Court   Phone: 777-7581