Impaired driving prevention amendments.





The fiscal impact is indeterminable due to an unknown number of cases.


Source of Expenditure Increase:

The creation or expansion of criminal offenses punishable by probation or incarceration creates a potential cost for that supervision or incarceration.  Likewise, increasing the time that an offender spends of probation or incarcerated has potential cost.  Each year of incarceration, per inmate, will cost the State, in current dollars, approximately $33,000 for the cost of incarceration and approximately $10,680 for medical costs.  The cost for traditional supervision of a probationer is approximately $1,100 per year, while the cost of supervision for a probationer under the intensive supervision program is approximately $7,300 per year.  Because offenders under the proposed legislation may be sentenced to a term of probation in excess of the maximum term of imprisonment, there is potential for increased probation supervision costs.



It would be difficult to accurately predict the number of individuals that would be sentenced pursuant to the proposed legislation.  Statistics are not available for the number of offenders with offenses related to driving under the influence as they pertain to the proposed legislation.  Not all misdemeanant offenders are currently assigned to supervised probation.  The cost to the Department of Corrections could be significant if more offenders are sentenced to supervised probation, or if the terms of probation are increased.  Likewise, increases in maximum sentences of incarceration could result in significant costs if large numbers of offenders are sentenced to longer terms in prison.


Prepared by:   Brian Farmer, Dept. of Corrections    Phone: 777-5983





The fiscal impact to the judicial system is indeterminable due to an unknown number of cases.


Prepared by:   Joann Stockdale, Supreme Court   Phone: 777-7581