Wyoming lottery for education.







The fiscal impact, in the form of a revenue increase from lottery ticket sales, is indeterminable. There could also be a decrease in revenues to the Pari-Mutuel Commission (estimated at $45,500 per year) due to current pari-mutuel bettors switching to the proposed lottery.


This bill creates the Wyoming Lottery Corporation (Corporation), which shall be deemed an instrumentality of the state, and not a state agency. Revenues from lottery ticket sales shall initially go the Corporation. The Corporation is responsible for payment of operating expenses (all costs of doing business, including but not limited to retailer commissions, advertising and marketing costs, capital costs, depreciation of property and equipment and other operating costs). As nearly as practical, at least 45% of the net proceeds (lottery ticket sales revenues less operating expenses, but not including sales from video lottery terminals) shall be made available as prize money. Of the annual net proceeds from lottery games attributable to retailers located at facilities where pari-mutuel events occur, 1Ĺ% shall be paid to the Pari-Mutuel Commission to enhance breeder awards, 1% shall be paid to the Pari-Mutuel Commission for general operations, and 1% shall be paid to the Pari-Mutuel Commission to fund annual grants for use in hosting and marketing equestrian events at state and county fairgrounds and licensed pari-mutuel facilities in Wyoming.


On or before the 15th day of each quarter, the Corporation shall transfer to the State Treasurer the amount of all net proceeds minus prizes paid during the preceding quarter. These funds shall be credited to the Lottery for Education Account. Funds in the Lottery for Education Account shall only be appropriated to the Hathaway Scholarship Endowment Fund.


On its own, this bill will not result in a significant revenue increase from fees for background checks or require additional personnel and/or funding.† However, passage of multiple bills of this type may result in a cumulative administrative impact to the Division of Criminal Investigation.


Prepared by:† †Dean Temte, LSO† Phone: 777-7881

(Information provided by Charles Moore, Pari-Mutuel Comm,; 777-5887:

Liz Gagen, Attorney Generalís Office; 777-7847)




This bill has administrative impact that appears to increase (or decrease) duties or responsibilities of one or more state agencies and may impact agency spending or staffing requirements. As introduced, the bill does not modify any state agency budget or current personnel authorizations.

The following state agencies will be asked to provide their estimate of the administrative fiscal impact prior to the first committee meeting held to consider the bill:


Pari-Mutuel Commission