This bill contains an appropriation of $50,000 from the GENERAL FUND.

This bill contains an authorization of 1 AWEC position.



FY 2010

FY 2011

FY 2012





Anticipated Revenue Increase (Decrease):




OTHER-Brand Recording





Source of Revenue Increase:  Proposed changes in application and transfer fees for livestock brands and proposed Heritage Brands. 


Assumptions:  The proposed legislation changes application fees from $225($150 first species; $75 each additional species) to $400 ($300 first species; $100 each additional species) for livestock brands. The majority of brand applications are for two species. It is estimated that roughly 50 percent of brand applications could be for Heritage Brands (non-livestock use) at a proposed lower fee of $150. Based on 2007 figures, there were 814 brand applications.  Under the current fee structure, without Heritage Brands, the revenue generated would be $183,150.  Under the proposed fee structure, with Heritage Brands, the revenue generated would be $40,700.  In addition, transfer fees will be impacted due to a reduced free from $100 to $50 per Heritage Brand transfer.  It is estimated that 10 percent of transfers will be for Heritage Brands.  Based on 2007 figures, that would be approximately 40 transfers at a loss of $2,000.


Source of Revenue Decrease: Proposed change to a one-time brand renewal fee and decreased renewal fee for proposed Heritage Brands.


Assumptions: Renewal fees are $300 for livestock brands.  Currently, there are 5,117 brands up for renewal for 2011.  It is estimated 35 percent would renew as Heritage Brands.  If all brands renewed at $300, revenue generated would be $1,535,100.  If 35 percent renew as Heritage Brands, revenue generated would be $1,266,600, for a revenue decrease of $229,800.  This pattern would continue in renewal years 2013, 2015, 2017, and 2019.



This bill has administrative impact that appears to increase (or decrease) duties or responsibilities of one or more state agencies and may impact agency spending or staffing requirements.

The following state agencies will be asked to provide their estimate of the administrative fiscal impact prior to the first committee meeting held to consider the bill:


Wyoming Livestock Board


Prepared by:   Joy Hill, LSO                         Phone: 777-7881

(Information provided by Anne Iske, Wyoming Livestock Board, ph. 777-7516)