Motor vehicle accidents-serious bodily injury.





The fiscal impact to the Department of Corrections is indeterminable due to an unknown number of cases. 


Source of Expenditure Increase:

The creation of enhanced criminal penalties in the proposed legislation creates a potential cost for any probation supervision ordered as a result of conviction.  Currently, only some misdemeanant offenders are ordered to supervised probation.  The cost for traditional supervision of a probationer is approximately $1,100 per year, while the cost of supervision for a probationer under the intensive supervision program is approximately $7,300 per year.



There are no current measures that would allow for an accurate prediction of the number of individuals sentenced pursuant to the proposed legislation.



Prepared by: Brian Farmer, Department of Corrections Phone: 777-5983





The fiscal impact to the judicial system is indeterminable due to an unknown number of cases.



Prepared by:   Joann Stockdale, Supreme Court   Phone: 777-7581