Charter schools-authorizer.





This bill contains an appropriation of $100,000 from the SCHOOL FOUNDATION FUND.  This appropriation is effective immediately.


This bill contains an authorization of 1 Full-Time position.


There would be an indeterminable expenditure increase for student transportation.


Source of Expenditure Increase: 

Increase of reimbursement to the districts for transportation costs for charter school students. The increase is dependent upon the number of charter schools, the school districts they operate in, the number of students that attend the charter school, the number of new students to the school district that attend the charter school, and where the students live.  If transportation is made mandatory for charter schools, the impact for the first year would be the increased number of buses needed to run school routes, the number of new bus drivers needed and the costs to operate the buses (i.e. fuel and maintenance).


There is also allowed an administrative fee that may be assessed by the Community College Commission upon each approved charter school of not more than 1 percent of the state funds received by that school.  This administrative fee is indeterminable.




This bill has administrative impact that appears to increase duties or responsibilities of one or more state agencies and may impact agency spending or staffing requirements. As introduced, the bill modifies a state agency budget or current personnel authorizations.

The following state agencies will be asked to provide their estimate of the administrative fiscal impact prior to the first committee meeting held to consider the bill:


Wyoming Community College Commission





Prepared by:   Matthew Sackett, LSO   Phone: 777-7881

(Information provided by Matt Petry, Wyoming Community College Commission and Fred Hansen, Wyoming Department of Education;

Phones: 777-5859 and 777-7804 respectively)