Charter schools-amendments.






The fiscal impact, in the form of increased expenditures from the School Foundation Program, is indeterminable.


Source of expenditure increase:


Increase of reimbursement to the districts for transportation costs for charter school students.




The increase is dependent upon the number of charter schools, the school districts they operate in, the number of students that attend the charter school, the number of new students to the school district that attend the charter school, and where the students live.  If transportation is made mandatory for charter schools, the impact for the first year would be the increased number of buses needed to run school routes, the number of new bus drivers needed and the costs to operate the buses (i.e. fuel and maintenance).  Increases in special education costs are dependent upon the needs of the students in the charter schools and are not capable of being determined.
















Prepared by:   Fred Hansen, Dept. of Education  Phone: 777-7804