Prescription drug database.





This bill contains an appropriation of $275,000 from the GENERAL FUND to the Wyoming State Pharmacy Board.


This bill requires the Wyoming State Pharmacy Board to submit an application to the United States Department of Justice and the United States Department of Health and Human Services for all available grant monies to fund the pilot project. To the extent federal grant funds are available for this pilot project, the Board may expend funds appropriated by the legislature in such minimum amount as may be necessary to qualify to receive the federal funds. The amount of federal grant funds potentially available for this pilot project is unknown. 





This bill has administrative impact that appears to increase (or decrease) duties or responsibilities of one or more state agencies and may impact agency spending or staffing requirements. As introduced, the bill does not modify any state agency current personnel authorizations.

The following state agencies will be asked to provide their estimate of the administrative fiscal impact prior to the first committee meeting held to consider the bill:


Wyoming State Pharmacy Board
















Prepared by:   Dean Temte, LSO    Phone: 777-7881