Bill No.: HB0001 Drafter: DKG


LSO No.: 09LSO-0661 Effective Date: 3/5/2009


Enrolled Act No.: HEA0105


Chapter No.: 159


Prime Sponsor: Joint Appropriations Interim Committee


Catch Title: General government appropriations.


Subject: Appropriations for general government operations and capital construction.

Summary/Major Elements:


Appropriates total of $164.5M General Fund (GF), $108.1M in federal funds, and $150.1M in other state funds.


Dept. of Transportation

$7M GF for airport enhancements.


Dept. of Health

Allows the department to utilize up to $11.2M in existing appropriations for 100 series for certain specified programs.

Allows the department to access $20M budget reserve and $5M in GF reversions for Medicaid programs after March 1, 2010.



Allows the University to redirect $10M in prior GF appropriations to capital facilities match and endowment programs.

Allows the University to redirect $1.4M in prior GF appropriations to purchase a parking lot.

Allows the University to expend $3.5M of $20M GF appropriation for NCAR for architectural and engineering services for NCAR project.

Appropriates $4M GF for endowments.

Appropriates $2.7M GF for fine arts building.

Appropriates $52.2M in AML funds for a variety of projects.


Community Colleges

Appropriates $4M GF for endowments.

Appropriates $10M GF for Casper Gateway Building.


Dept. of Corrections

Appropriates $19.1M GF for various correctional programs, $16.7M of which is for the new correctional facility at Torrington.



Appropriates $30.8M in school foundation money for 3.7% external cost adjustment.

Appropriates $150.6M in school foundation money to be used for unfunded liability in the retirement system.


Capital Construction

Appropriates $68M GF for state lab project.

Appropriates $10M AML for state lab project.

Appropriates $4.4M GF for state office building project.

Appropriates $4.5M GF for Tensleep fish hatchery.

Appropriates $5.7M GF for Pioneer Home

Appropriates $4M Omnibus income fund for State Hospital HVAC

Appropriates $1.5M GF and $7.5M Omnibus permanent fund for Girls School dorm.

Appropriates $1.8M GF for state parks major maintenance.

Appropriates $1.5M GF for tourism welcome center.


Local Governments

Appropriates $3.5M GF for matching private funds for town of Wamsutter.

Appropriates $4.7M GF for SLIB emergency grants to local governments.



Appropriates $37M AML to department for abandoned mine reclamation and variety of other projects.



Appropriates $3M GF to water development account I.



Diverts $3.85M from federal mineral royalties form the school foundation program to the UW and Community College endowment funds.

Allows the state treasurer to borrow funds to help with the Hathaway scholarship cash flow if necessary.

Creates a task force on wind energy.

Provides language detailing how the state will handle federal funds provided from the ARRA of 2009.

Provides for a diversion of 50% of the 1% statutory severance tax on minerals from the PMTF to the spending policy reserve account.

Appropriates smaller amounts for a variety of state agencies and projects.