Bill No.: HB0039 Drafter: DKG


LSO No.: 09LSO-0045 Effective Date: 7/1/2009


Enrolled Act No.: HEA0120


Chapter No.: 170


Prime Sponsor: Select Committee on Local Government Financing


Catch Title: Population determinations-use of federal census.


Subject: Use of federal census numbers.


Summary/Major Elements:

         Throughout current law are references to "population" with and without accompanying language referencing the use of the "federal census" to determine population.

         The statutes use the phrase "federal census" in numerous ways, often with apparent intention to mean the decennial federal census, but often without clear use of that term or clear intent.

         This act provides definitions of "population" and "last federal census" in Title 8 to be consistently applied throughout Wyoming statutes for purposes of determining population for various distribution and other purposes.

         "Population" of a city, town, county, legislative district or other political subdivision will be determined by resort to the last federal census.

         The "last federal census" is defined as the last official federal decennial census as conducted and officially corrected by the bureau of census, including any changes for boundary modifications, which become effective on July 1 next following receipt of the official census figures.

         Population estimates necessary for periodic revision of estimates required under W.S. 12-4-101 regarding allocation of liquor licenses are to be made using population estimates from the United States bureau of census.

         The act contains provisions specifying that no authority to issue licenses nor distribution of funds under the law prior to this act are to be affected until the 2010 federal census.


                     Final action on this bill was not taken at the time this summary was prepared. Should changes be made to the bill upon final passage, an updated summary will be transmitted to all legislators.