Bill No.: HB0042 Drafter: JDA


LSO No.: 09LSO-0285 Effective Date: 7/1/2009


Enrolled Act No.: HEA0071


Chapter No.: 125


Prime Sponsor: Representative Zwonitzer, Dv.


Catch Title: Burial arrangements.


Subject: Burial arrangements.



Summary/Major Elements:


         This bill addresses the issue of how to handle burial arrangements when a decedent does not provide written instructions concerning entombment, burial or cremation.


         If no written instructions are provided the undertaker or funeral director is required to obtain consent from a specified list of relatives, who are authorized to consent in a priority listing to burial arrangements for the decedent.


         The bill provides a prioritization and procedure to follow if conflicting instructions are provided.


         If consent is not provided within seven days of the decedent's death, the coroner is authorized to provide consent.


         The bill provides immunity from civil liability for funeral directors and undertakers acting in accordance with the section.