Bill No.: HB0062 Drafter: DRN


LSO No.: 09LSO-0179 Effective Date: 3/2/2009


Enrolled Act No.: HEA0060


Chapter No.: 113


Prime Sponsor: Joint Education Interim Committee


Catch Title: Charter school law-amendments.


Subject: The Wyoming charter school law.


Summary/Major Elements:


         Modifies the charter application process by first allowing the school district superintendent to determine completeness of application prior to submission of application to the school board of trustees for review and approval;


         Current law provides for submission of application directly to the local school board of jurisdiction;


         Directs the state superintendent to establish a phased application process prescribing timelines for completion of application components prescribed by law;


         Also requires the state superintendent to by rule and regulation establish a mediation process for disputes concerning the completeness of application;


         Requires the mediation process to specify professional requirements for the impartial third party facilitating mediation and provides for appeal to the state board if a party refuses mediation;


         Restricts application of the "doubling" of charter school ADM for initial funding in the first two years of school operation to only those charter schools initiated by any person other than the school district in which the charter is operating. Current law extends the "doubling" provision to all charter schools, regardless of the party initiating the charter.