Bill No.: HB0072                  Drafter:  JHR


LSO No.:  09LSO-0191              Effective Date:  2/27/2009


Enrolled Act No.:  HEA0053


Chapter No.:       75


Prime Sponsor:     Representative Berger


Catch Title:       County jails-release of information.


Subject:  Authorizes county jails to release information about persons in custody as specified.



Summary/Major Elements:


·         Under current law the Wyoming Department of Corrections may release information regarding any person who is in the Department's custody unless the release of such information could compromise the safety of the person.  The information that is released is placed on the Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE) website to allow victims  to know the custody status of their offenders and to be notified when the status changes.


·         This bill:

o       Authorizes county jails to release the same type of information and for the same purposes relating to persons in custody in county jails;

o       Creates an exception of release of information relating to juveniles charged with a status offense.