Bill No.: HB0075                  Drafter:  DJL


LSO No.:  09LSO-0378              Effective Date:  7/1/2009


Enrolled Act No.:  HEA0041


Chapter No.:       60


Prime Sponsor:     Representative Brown


Catch Title:       Subdivisions-water supply study.


Subject:  Modifies requirements for groundwater studies for subdivision and giving the Board of County Commissioners the discretion to require a groundwater study for on-lot wells.



Summary/Major Elements:

·         Under current law, if a potential subdivider proposes to install a centralized water supply system, he may be required to submit a water supply study with specific information.


·         This bill:

o       Replaces references to "parcel or parcels" with "subdivision";

o       Clarifies that a Board of County Commissioners may require a groundwater study demonstrating the potential availability and quality of groundwater within the subdivision, using specified new and existing data in  support of the study.