Bill No.: HB0093 Drafter: LGC


LSO No.: 09LSO-0455 Effective Date: 7/1/2009


Enrolled Act No.: HEA0011


Chapter No.: 26


Prime Sponsor: Representative Philp


Catch Title: Complimentary hunting licenses.


Subject: Modifying provisions for issuance of hunting licenses to youths with life threatening illnesses.



Summary/Major Elements:


         The act allows the game and fish commission to set by rule and regulation the number of licenses available to youths with life threatening illnesses. Current law limits the number of the various licenses which could be issued.


         The act extends the age of eligibility for those licenses to youths twenty years old or younger.


         The act provides for issuance of the license directly to the youth and requires the youth be sponsored by a nonprofit charitable organization that will pay the license fee.