Bill No.: HB0146 Drafter: JWL


LSO No.: 09LSO-0236 Effective Date:


Enrolled Act No.: HEA0094


Chapter No.: 147


Prime Sponsor: Representative Steward


Catch Title: Emergency medical services sustainability trust.


Subject: Creates a new program to assess and improve EMS services.


Summary/Major Elements: This act:


         Creates the emergency medical services sustainability trust ("EMSST") and EMSST income account to be administered by the Department of Health;


         Provides for needs assessment grant applications from interested persons, groups and political subdivisions in local EMS service areas;


         Requires $5,000 local matching funds for assessment grants;


         Authorizes the Department to contract for EMS needs assessments, including a description of existing services, strengths, weaknesses and coverage gaps and the development of an EMS master plan for the service area;


         Identifies components of EMS master plans;


         Provides for and establishes requirements for EMS master plan implementation grants to counties, EMS joint powers boards and EMS special districts.




Creates the Emergency Medical Services Sustainability Trust and grant program.

Requires an annual report from Dept. of Health to Joint Labor Committee on program expenditures and recommendations for program changes.

Appropriates $500,000 tobacco settlement funds to the trust account and $50,000 to the income account for the EMS program.

Immediate effective date.