Bill No.: HB0162 Drafter: LGC


LSO No.: 09LSO-0434 Effective Date:


Enrolled Act No.: HEA0101


Chapter No.: 178


Prime Sponsor: Representative Millin


Catch Title: State employees retirement-military credit.


Subject: Authorizing payment of retirement credits for state employees in military duty.



Summary/Major Elements:


         Under current law, the state retirement board may provide up to two years of retirement credit for any period of time in which a state employee spends in military or other emergency service of the United States. Provision of these credits are subject to legislative appropriation. The act provides an appropriation to the retirement board for fiscal years 2009 and 2010 to fund the credits.


         After June 30, 2010, the act requires each state agency to include an estimate of the amount required for provision of the credits and include that amount in their standard budget request. The act removes the requirement that provision of the credits be subject to legislative appropriation and provides that until June 30, 2018 up to two years of retirement credit may be allowed at no cost to the employee.




Contains delayed effective/repeal date: After June 30, 2018 the statutes will not limit the number of years for which credits may be paid.