Bill No.: HB0222 Drafter: DJL


LSO No.: 09LSO-0373 Effective Date: 7/1/2009


Enrolled Act No.: HEA0114


Chapter No.: 188


Prime Sponsor: Representative Brown


Catch Title: Establishment of private roads.


Subject: Procedures for establishment of private roads.


Summary/Major Elements:


         Current law outlines requirements associated with an applicant's request for a private road and the response of the Board of County Commissioners, and requires notice to all interested parties regarding a hearing.


         The bill:

o       Creates requirements under which an affected party may respond to an applicant's request for a private road and imposes a time frame for the affected party's response;

o       Outlines Board of County Commissioners hearing procedures and district court hearing procedures regarding the establishment of a private road or proposed alternative routes; and

o       Gives the board the discretion to retain jurisdiction of the matter or to certify the case to the district court.



                     Final action on this bill was not taken at the time this summary was prepared. Should changes be made to the bill upon final passage, an updated summary will be transmitted to all legislators.