Bill No.: HB0235                  Drafter:  JHR


LSO No.:  09LSO-0451              Effective Date:  7/1/2009


Enrolled Act No.:  HEA0047


Chapter No.:       70


Prime Sponsor:     Representative Mercer


Catch Title:       Child protection-case planning.


Subject:  Specifies new duties of multidisciplinary teams in child protection and delinquency cases.




Summary/Major Elements:

·         This bill:

o       Requires that members of  the multidisciplinary team (MDT) in a child protection or a delinquency case receive a summary with specified information from the Department of Family Services before the first MDT meeting;

o       Requires the MDT to formulate reasonable and attainable goals and objectives for parents to meet to effect the return of the child to the home or to close the case;

o       Requires the submission of a summary to MDT members and the court after each MDT meeting describing the recommendations of the goals and objectives decided upon at the meeting and a detailed explanation of any changes to the goals and objectives previously established;

o       Authorizes the court to require the parents or guardian to attend classes designed to address problems that contributed to the adjudication.