Bill No.: HB0298 Drafter: JHR


LSO No.: 09LSO-0514 Effective Date: 3/15/2009


Enrolled Act No.: HEA0118


Chapter No.: 201


Prime Sponsor: Representative Hallinan


Catch Title: Medical Practice Act revisions.


Subject: Amends the Medical Practices Act.


Summary/Major Elements:

         This bill:

o        Increases the number of qualifying examinations an applicant for licensure as a physician may select from to qualify for licensure, including an osteopathic test and a test for foreign medical graduates;

o        Amends and creates definitions to include such tests;

o        Amends the composition, powers and duties of the State Board of Medicine;

o        Amends compensation of Board members;

o        Provides for criminal history background checks of applicants and licensees as specified;

o        Amends licensure provisions of physicians and physician assistants (P/As);

o        Authorizes volunteer physician, emeritus physician and emeritus P/A licenses to allow such licensees to provide medical care at no cost to low-income patients as specified;

o        Provides for appointment of temporary board members to hear disciplinary cases;

o        Requires rulemaking to allow the practice of telemedicine and the practice of medicine by nonresident physicians and P/As in emergencies as specified;

o        Provides procedures for relicensure of a person whose license has been revoked, suspended or otherwise restricted;

o        Authorizes the Board to set by rule the number of P/As a physician may supervise (currently, the board sets the number by policy).




Amends major program: Medical Practices Act



                     Final action on this bill was not taken at the time this summary was prepared. Should changes be made to the bill upon final passage, an updated summary will be transmitted to all legislators.