2010 Budget Session


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Fourth Day

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Convening Time:
10:00 AM

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SF0003 Apiary laws. AGRICULTURE

SF0004 Special district elections. CORPORATIONS

SF0005 Special districts-public records. CORPORATIONS

SF0006 Improvement and service districts. CORPORATIONS

SF0010 State parks-Bear River state park. TRAVEL

SF0011 State parks-acquisition and disposition of lands. TRAVEL

SF0012 State parks and historic sites-boundaries and designations. TRAVEL

SF0014 Circuit court hearings of municipal violations by juveniles. JUDICIARY

SF0016 Property tax-review of assessment. REVENUE

SF0017 Statement of consideration. REVENUE

SF0020 Text-based communications prohibited while driving. Esquibel, F.

SF0040 Establishment of highways. Cooper


NOTE: Those Bills at the top of the General File list which appear out of numerical sequence are

TENTATIVELY scheduled for consideration during the following Committee of the Whole. However, the actual

order of consideration of bills on General file in Committee of the Whole is subject to change at any time.

SF0019 DUI impairment period and period for enhanced penalties. Ross

SF0023 Unemployment compensation amendments. LABOR

SF0041 Teacher shortage loan repayment program. EDUCATION

SF0045 School bus seat belts. Jennings

SF0046 School facilities-charter schools. CAP CON