2010 Budget Session


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Seventeenth Day

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Convening Time:
10:00 AM

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HB0015 Electrical safety and fire prevention-revisions. CORPORATIONS

HB0018 Aquatic invasive species-2. TRAVEL

HB0019 Mandatory savings accounts for inmates. Bagby

HB0020 Criminal street gangs. Bagby

HB0034 Referendum on adopted ordinance-petitions. Edmonds

HB0036 Notaries. Gingery

HB0044 Taxation of property used for economic development. Illoway

HB0059 Workforce services amendments. Zwonitzer, Dn.

HB0061 Legal services funding. Throne

HB0064 Mandatory minimum sentence for sexual abuse of a minor. Millin

HB0065 Revisor's bill. MGT COUNCIL

HB0072 Regulation of wind energy facilities. Stubson

HB0075 Loss of parental rights-homicide of spouse. Davison

HB0077 Youth archery licenses. Byrd

HB0079 Eminent domain-wind power collector lines. Brown

HB0080 Peace officers, detention officers and dispatchers. Harvey

HB0083 Crimes and offenses-restrictions for adult sex offenders. Harshman

HB0089 Resident contractor preferences. Gilmore

HB0094 Real property easements. Lockhart

HB0095 Wyoming Firearms Freedom Act-2. Jaggi

HB0097 Nuclear energy production study. Harshman

HB0106 Small business investment credit. Pedersen

HB0111 Electric transmission-consideration of regional issues. Simpson

HB0122 Disposal of livestock. Wallis

HB0128 Health insurance-interstate purchase. Simpson

HB0132 Homicide during pregnancy-2. Davison

HJ0009 Resolution to amend United States Constitution. Simpson


HB0017 Carbon sequestration-financial assurances and regulation. JUDICIARY
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