Bill No.: HB0061 Drafter: DKG


LSO No.: 10LSO-0205 Effective Date: 7/1/2010


Enrolled Act No.: HEA0058


Chapter No.:


Prime Sponsor: Representative Throne


Catch Title: Legal services funding.


Subject: Creating a legal services program to fund civil legal services for indigents.


Summary/Major Elements:

        Creates a civil legal services program to fund legal services for indigent persons.

        The program will be administered by the Supreme Court which may operate the program directly or contract with a nonprofit corporation to operate the program.

        The Court must adopt rules for the program's operation, which must include the types of cases that may be funded under the program. Statute prohibits certain types of cases from being funded and generally provides a prioritization for direction and management of the program.

        Eligibility is limited to individuals with household income is below 200% of the federal poverty level.

        The goal of the program is to establish an integrated system of indigent civil legal services on a statewide basis by July, 2011.

        The act sets forth other general parameters for providing funding under the program, which is to be provided to other programs providing indigent civil legal services.

        Provides funding for the program by an additional $10 court fees for most civil cases. Includes a $10 assessment upon persons convicted of felonies and misdemeanors.

        Funds are deposited in a new account, with the legislature appropriating funds from the account.

        Provides an appropriation of $2,500,000 from the account for the first biennium's funding of the program.



Report Required The Supreme Court must report to the appropriations and judiciary committees by November 1, 2010 and again by May 1, 2011.

Creates major program creates the civil legal services program.