2011 General Session


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Thirty-Second Day

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Convening Time:
9:30 AM

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HB0029 DUI-elimination of right to refuse test. Gingery

HB0087 Obsolete laws-general revisions. MGT COUNCIL

HB0100 Game & fish-land acquisition. Shepperson

HB0107 Municipal court jury trials. Botten

HB0138 Public funds-time deposit open accounts interest rate. Madden

HB0152 Very rare or uncommon area designations. Semlek

HB0154 Multiple special handicapped license plates. Harvey

HB0174 Designated transfer of state lands. McOmie

HB0179 Energy improvement program. Petroff

HB0230 Eminent domain-wind energy collector systems-2. Brown

HB0243 Human remains-training of search and rescue dogs. Krone

HB0252 Review of state executive department positions. Harvey

HB0253 Wyoming Nurse Practice Act amendment. Kasperik

HB0254 Property taxation-appeals. Throne

HB0255 Veteran's tax exemption. Patton


HB0036 Cancer Control Act amendments. Esquibel, K.

HB0049 Primary care support program. LABOR

HB0073 Dental services freedom bill. Pedersen

HB0129 Nuclear energy production study. Harshman

HB0135 State lands-improvements-2. Greear

HB0136 Appointments to county commissioner vacancy. Barbuto

HB0139 Wyoming Veterans Memorial Highway. Bonner

HB0151 Hydro-power development. Semlek

HB0193 Nursing care facility assessment. Childers

HB0203 Child support-orders. Lubnau

HB0235 Natural gas vehicles. Roscoe

HB0242 Insurance-surplus lines. Illoway

HB0248 Unlawful protesting at a funeral-amendments. Byrd
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